Posted: June 24, 2011 in What goes on inside this mind

There are many opinions about marijuana and other such things that are made out to seem “bad” by society. Yes, if marijuana is smoked it causes cancer, but then again, what in the world doesn’t cause cancer? It is obvious that marijuana is bad for you. Smoke is bad in general, whether it be marijuana, cigarettes, BBQ, or chimney smoke. But, that doesn’t necessarily make the other effects of things bad. There are so many effects in so many things and not all of them can possibly be all good or all bad. What effects outweigh the others are all opinions. There are so many facts you can find that both support and demoralize everything, you can’t possibly believe what you read any more; everything contradicts everything else and you end up in circles. You can find the fact online that marijuana is 25 times worse than a cigarette, but you can also find the fact that marijuana has fewer carcinogens than cigarettes. A study states that there has not been one case of lung cancer due to marijuana; another states that marijuana users are just as likely to get cancer; yet another states it raises the chances of cancer even more. Which do you believe? Whichever side you pick, someone is going to say you are wrong so what can you really rely on but yourself? Decide for yourself. Have a mind for your body. You will only stir up more confusion in yourself when you hand the decision over to the world because all it will offer you are two sides to the same thing. Society has come to the conclusion that every move we make in our lives, it will result in damage to our body.

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