Posted: June 24, 2011 in Ranting

All good moods have to spoil somewhere right? Waking up to “I’m tired of the lies” does not make me too happy. I hate being accused of shit that I’m not doing, especially when you give your all for that person, and you give them everything they need and could ever ask for; and they don’t even trust you in return. Feels like me buying somebody flowers and they spit on them and ripped them up. I’m sure I have a fair reason to be angry, I mean.. I’m nowhere near the ‘best’ boyfriend, but I try my hardest to be; and apparently, somehow I still manage to lie, and cheat. Odd right? My past reputation as a ‘whore’ (and I’ll admit, I was a little hoochi) has stopped me from having so many relationships, and it gets in the way of so much. Like the trust issue, it’s hard to trust somebody when you hear that they cheat/lie constantly. I’ve tried everything to stop portraying this image, I’m NOT the same person as i used to be. I’ve stopped talking to all my friends, and only had a select group of them, and the rumors STILL go around saying I’m cheating, and I’ll be sitting at my house! It’s hard to handle sometimes, I feel like it’s out of my control. Because I’ve tried everything I could to make this stuff stop, yet everything I do; nothing seems to work. Anyway, I’m done ranting for now.. ❤



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