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All good moods have to spoil somewhere right? Waking up to “I’m tired of the lies” does not make me too happy. I hate being accused of shit that I’m not doing, especially when you give your all for that person, and you give them everything they need and could ever ask for; and they don’t even trust you in return. Feels like me buying somebody flowers and they spit on them and ripped them up. I’m sure I have a fair reason to be angry, I mean.. I’m nowhere near the ‘best’ boyfriend, but I try my hardest to be; and apparently, somehow I still manage to lie, and cheat. Odd right? My past reputation as a ‘whore’ (and I’ll admit, I was a little hoochi) has stopped me from having so many relationships, and it gets in the way of so much. Like the trust issue, it’s hard to trust somebody when you hear that they cheat/lie constantly. I’ve tried everything to stop portraying this image, I’m NOT the same person as i used to be. I’ve stopped talking to all my friends, and only had a select group of them, and the rumors STILL go around saying I’m cheating, and I’ll be sitting at my house! It’s hard to handle sometimes, I feel like it’s out of my control. Because I’ve tried everything I could to make this stuff stop, yet everything I do; nothing seems to work. Anyway, I’m done ranting for now.. ❤




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There are many opinions about marijuana and other such things that are made out to seem “bad” by society. Yes, if marijuana is smoked it causes cancer, but then again, what in the world doesn’t cause cancer? It is obvious that marijuana is bad for you. Smoke is bad in general, whether it be marijuana, cigarettes, BBQ, or chimney smoke. But, that doesn’t necessarily make the other effects of things bad. There are so many effects in so many things and not all of them can possibly be all good or all bad. What effects outweigh the others are all opinions. There are so many facts you can find that both support and demoralize everything, you can’t possibly believe what you read any more; everything contradicts everything else and you end up in circles. You can find the fact online that marijuana is 25 times worse than a cigarette, but you can also find the fact that marijuana has fewer carcinogens than cigarettes. A study states that there has not been one case of lung cancer due to marijuana; another states that marijuana users are just as likely to get cancer; yet another states it raises the chances of cancer even more. Which do you believe? Whichever side you pick, someone is going to say you are wrong so what can you really rely on but yourself? Decide for yourself. Have a mind for your body. You will only stir up more confusion in yourself when you hand the decision over to the world because all it will offer you are two sides to the same thing. Society has come to the conclusion that every move we make in our lives, it will result in damage to our body.

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Have you ever noticed, (adults and teens alike) that as you grow older, people start to separate..Why is this? Why do people go off into they’re  little clicks? Is it just because they’ve become too good for you, or just because they have grown bored of you? It all happens in around the high school stages. It just puzzles me why people you are so close with, randomly disappear. Little pansy fucks don’t know what real friends are if you ask me. I have had friends that stuck with me since bullshit; kinder-garden. Pretty long damn time if you ask me. Opinions/Comments/Questions as always are welcomed


Love, ahh..Where to begin? Such a strong word, with so many different meanings depending on the person. My definition of “Love”: Knowing for a fact that you cannot possibly bear to live without that person for any amount of time. But to other younger kids, love is just something to toy around with and they somehow find it within a week of dating? Kinda makes me laugh when I’m on Facebook and I see people just getting into a relationship and saying “I love you, I never want to be without you” Lets get it straight… You don’t even know the person, and your telling them you don’t want to be without them? What the hell is wrong with you. But, I guess you have to really experience it to know what it truly feels like; Trust me, I know the feeling. Lucky me, I’m going through my love stage all over again with my wonderful girlfriend. Anyway, back to topic. Do you think love is just something that is inside of you’re head? That you just imagine it all?  Or it is really true, the little sparks that go off inside of your belly when you kiss, and the fireworks that feels like is inside of your heart. Yes, I know the feeling. But the mind can be deceiving; Do you think love is just one of the minds tricks to make you weaker? Or should it make you stronger, by showing you have alot of emotion..Post your comments, let me know your opinions. Thank you for reading.

– MikeyRayy